Athena, goddess of weaving

Weaving is the craft of making fabric or cloth using yarn or thread. Athena is the goddess of weaving.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

In The Sea of Monsters, at Circe's Island, Annabeth sees Circe weaving.

Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena



In The Mark of Athena, Annabeth Chase encounters several spiders, including Arachne herself. She tricks Arachne into weaving a 'tapestry' (giant Chinese finger-trap) by acting fascinated by her weaving and suggesting that she make it to decorate Olympus. Arachne falls for the trick and starts weaving. When Annabeth points out a "flaw," Arachne looks for the flaw and gets trapped in her own weaving.

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