Williams is a British police officer that holds the rank of Inspector. He commands Linley and another police officer. 

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Inspector Williams is assigned to the curious case of Julius Kane's apparent suicide, which caused the destruction of a number of priceless Egyptian artifacts from the British Museum. In order to find answers, Inspector Williams is forced to interview Carter and Sadie Kane, the only witnesses of the peculiar act involving their father.

Although Carter and Sadie respond with the truth, Inspector Williams is disbelieving, primarily because the truth is too extraordinary to be true.

After interviewing Sadie, Inspector Williams leads her downstairs to where her brother and grandparents are waiting. While everyone is gathered around, Inspector Williams proceeds to list punishments Carter and Sadie could face for lying to the police, including a prison term. However, Inspector Williams abruptly changes his mind, stating deportation as their punishment. The Kanes find this strange as Inspector Williams seemed momentarily confused. He then proceeds to leave the house.

We later find out Williams happened to be under the spell of Amos Kane, Carter and Sadie's uncle.


Williams has an ashen face and grey hair. His uniform is a lint-colored suit. [1]


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