Wind Nymphs or Sky Nymphs are female nature spirits often seen in the retinue of Wind Gods like Aeolus.

The various beings that could be counted amongst them are:

  • Aurai or Aurae: Oceanid nymphs of the breezes, making them the daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. There is also a Titaness named Aura who presided over the breeze and fresh, cool air of early morning.

Wind nymphs are known to work in Aeolus' palace.

  • Nephelae or Nebulae: Oceanid nymphs of the clouds, making them also daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. When Hera came to Zeus telling him that king Ixion had tried to rape her, he molded a phantom out of a cloud looking exactly like his wife and he named her Nephele. Buying the ruse, Ixion raped Nephele and fathered the tribe of centaurs. In doing so he was arrested and chained to fiery wheel for all eternity.
  • Harpies: spirits of whirlwinds and sudden, sharp gusts. Their male counterparts are the venti, who were the spirits of violent storm winds and the sons of Typhon.
  • Khione, while mostly known as the goddess or nymph of snow could also be considered a wind nymph, because of her parentage. Her mother Oreithyia, was the goddess of chill mountain winds.


As Jason Grace put it, they look like ghosts. You can see through them. Like most nymphs, they are depicted as beautiful young women with hair that ripples, even without a breeze.


  • Wind nymphs are sometimes mistaken for ghosts because of their transparent figure.
  • Aeolus employs them at his studio.
  • Coach Hedge's mother was a wind nymph. 
  • Camp Jupiter has Aurae working for them.
  • Though the proper name of that types of nymphs are sky nymphs, instead of wind.
  • They appear to be the "good" cousins of the venti.

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