A Yale is a fierce antelope-like creature with large horns that can swivel in any direction. The Romans knew these creatures as Centicores. They're attracted to sudden movements and loud noises. They are fierce and proud animals, highly territorial and aggressive as well as being an endangered species. Since they are endangered, it is illegal to kill them making it difficult to access areas with Yales. Artemis/Diana is tasked with monitoring the number of Yales and other endangered species. When monsters start to fade from mortals' collective memory, they regenerate less and less often from Tartarus they are left to breed and repopulate.


Eons ago, during Dionysus’s eastern campaign, the wine god had unleashed a herd of yales into the ranks of an Indian army five thousand strong. Apollo still remembers the screams of those warriors. Soon the mortals started to forget about they yales, they became more rare than the red-bellied hydras.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

Alaric of the Triumvirate Holdings had two Yales guard the entrance to the Cave of Trophonius. Upon being warned about Artemis' curse by her brother, Apollo, Meg McCaffrey binds them with grass while in a tree. Although they manage to escape, the two successfully climb down into the Bluespring Caverns.


Yales looked more like giant yaks than cows. Shaggy brown fur with yellow spots covered their bodies, while the fur on their heads was solid yellow. Horse-like manes trailed down their necks. Their fluffy tails were as long as Apollo's arm and their large amber eyes almost sounded cute, but they weren't. The Yale's most prominent features were their horns, two glistening white spears of ridged bone, absurdly long for the creature's head.


  • Similar to Manticores, Centicores are not technically part of Greek Mythology, they are more from European mythology.
  • Although Yale University's mascot is a bulldog, the Yale is depicted on the official banner of the President of the University, which, along with a wooden mace capped by a Yale's head, is carried and displayed during commencement exercises each spring.[1]


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