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Yancy academy

Yancy Academy Pool

Yancy Academy is the private boarding school that Percy Jackson attended in the sixth grade during the The Lightning Thief. Known classes that can be taken in this school include Pre-algebra, English, and Latin. It is a school for troubled kids, but many of the students were from well-off, rich families unlike Percy. It is well constructed, with lush pine trees all around.


Percy attends the school in The Lightning Thief. Although Yancy Academy is a private boarding school in the book, it was changed to a public school in the movie. In the movie the school has a pool. Percy says because "he likes water".

Known Students


Chiron in the Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief movie.

Known Teachers

Mrs. Dodds

Mrs. Dodds, Percy's teacher but is actually a Fury

  • Mr. Brunner - Chiron in disguise, no longer teaches there. Was the Latin teacher.
  • Mrs. Dodds - Actually the Fury Alecto in disguise; the mortals thought that she always was the pre-algebra teacher.
  • Mrs. Kerr - A maths teacher that appears after Mrs. Dodds is defeated. The Mist made the mortals think she always taught there.
  • Mr. Nicoll - Percy Jackson's English teacher.
  • Unknown Latin teacher before Chiron.
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