The protagonist of Demigods of Olympus, named Zane Carver in the Kindle version, is a teenaged Greek demigod.

Early Life

Zane has lived with his friend Sam Greenwood. He has had several troubles in school, at one point having incident at an aquarium with a sea otter.

Demigods of Olympus

My Two-Headed Guidance Counselor

Zane gets called up to the office for two incidents. These include an earthquake that no one else felt and a fight in the cafeteria. He eventually finds out that the new guidance counselor, Ms. Roche, is monster that wants to kill him. Zane is saved by his coin, that he received for his birthday, melting and turning into a tree. After that, the protagonist escapes into the woods with Sam Greenwood, who reveals himself as a satyr.

The Library of Deadly Weapons

As they are being chased by another Leonte, Ms. Roche's brother, Sam tells Zane about his demigod identity and leads him through the woods to an abandoned library that will provide temporary sanctuary due to being the sacred place of Mnemosyne. To open the library, Zane is forced to confront his own worst fears. After the Leonte breaks in the library and is defeated, Mnemosyne appears, thanking Zane for cleansing her library, and offers him a gift and the advice to travel to Austin in order to discover his godly parent.

My Demon Satyr Tea Party

In Austin, Zane finds the River God Barton and asks him for advice, but he isn't of much help. Zane then meets the Goddess Columbia and she does offer aid. His goal is to retrieve a valuable object from the lair of demon cannibalistic satyrs. During the quest, his godly parent talks to their child inside his head. Once Zane gets the object in question, the godly parent requests that he go to New Orleans.

My Own Personal Zombie Apocalypse